Saturday, August 1, 2009


My Mom and Dad came up to help me move out half of my belongings today. We are good packers, so we managed to get it all on my Dad's truck and trailer. They will be returning next weekend for the rest. Good parents. Great parents. Now they have to drive it all the way home to Warsaw and unpack it too.

I'm exhausted because I've been staying up late, as usual, and not sleeping in due to the stomping on my roof...o, and of course the Edge radio blaring in my backyard. Now I'm sitting in the hollow, echo-y livingroom watching Ice Road Truckers. The TV is on the tiny coffee table and I'm on the only remaining piece of livingroom furniture...Nat's parents old La-z-boy chair (I had to look at the company website to figure out how to write that). I just had dinner. It was delicious zucchini soup I made with the over-sized veg Sarah gave me from the CSA, coleslaw, and eggsalad on toast. Yum. My plate is now sitting on top of a half-packed box. Tonight I'm going to finish packing my clothing, start packing my backpack for Oz, and perhaps sort through the pantry cupboard. We're having a moving out party next Wednesday so I need to figure out what I will cook. I have a ton of food that needs to get eaten up before I leave.

What a lonely evening :)

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