Wednesday, August 26, 2009

British Columbia in pictures.

Tonight I finally have a chance to upload some of my pictures! I'm quite organized with everything, but it's been tough to find time on a computer that's fast enough and economical enough to actually put a bunch up at once. I'm at an internet cafe across from the hostel right now and it's cheap. I haven't taken many pictures as of yet in Perth, but the next few days will be quite busy with picture taking. I'm going on a field trip tomorrow, spending Friday wandering around town and visiting the huge botanical garden here, then hanging out with a friend on Saturday.

This first picture just cracks me up. Geoff and Crystal took me to Spanish Banks for a picnic one night in Vancouver. Crystal kicked some sand into our picnic bag, so Geoff took the tomatoes and washed them off. Just as he arrived back at our blanket, the tomato popped off its stem and hit the sand again. It was funny because Geoff was so surprised that the tomato fell and nobody likes sand in their teeth.

Crystal working on the fancy bread from Terra Bakery, a cool little shop just up the road from their house.

The sunset over Spanish Banks.

The crazy gelato place, La Casa Gelato, I visited with Crystal and Geoff. It's all pink and lovely with waffle cones all around the outside and cheesy music played way too loudly.

Just a few of the 218 flavours.

Blueberry picking with Jill and Megan. We filled out buckets in 20 minutes.

Jill and I with a few of our berries.

Jill's mom has the most fabulous collection of pottery. Some day my kitchen will look like this. I'm actually well on my way.

Me on the front porch of Jill's farmhouse. You can see the barn in the backround. My head is blocking the view of the water and the marina.

A tiny puppy we met at Jill's friend Tracy's house. He's a mix of an assortment of things including border collie. He also has 6 other little brothers and sisters. This one was exploring my backpack a lot.

A lovely example of an Arbutus tree that Jill and I found while swimming at Matheson Lake.

Jill's car! It's the coolest little thing. We took the topside windows off and drove all over the place in it. I can't remember what it's called, but it has a Z in the name and leather interior. And it's a standard and it includes music ranging from Justin Timberlake to Ron LaMontague.

Jill in her garden. You can see the abundance of dill. Unfortunately, she didn't plant any cucumbers.

Me on the Pacific Ocean, the second of three oceans I've seen this summer. Um, who wants to send me to the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean?

Jill climbing around a fallen tree on the 'nature hike' we did at Aylard Farm on the coast in East Sooke Regional Park.

The petroglyphs was saw in the same park. I think this one is a giant sea monster, or a salmon, a giant salmon monster.

Treehugging on the front lawn of the parliament buildings in Victoria, BC. This is the first time I had seen a Giant Sequoia. This one is only a little over 100 years old. It was so incredible.

Dinner we made with Leah! Such a fun night. Just a really good time catching up with good old friends. The drink in our cups is Mead from the local meadery, Tugwell Creek, which Jill and I visited in Sooke.

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