Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tim-tams and boxed milk.

Last night I went to the grocery store to buy some things for breakfasts over the next few days. The big grocery chain here is called Woolworth's. The grocery store is located just across the street from the hostel I'm staying in. It's part of an outdoor mall in the CBD (central business district; the Aussie shortform for the downtown). The mall is really cool. All of the stores are open to the front, like a mall in Ontario, and there's more than one level but there isn't any roof over the street. And it's wintertime here.

Shopping in a grocery store on the other side of the world was a very surreal experience. None of the familiar brands are available. Nothing seems to be in the logical place. There was an entire aisle of biscuits (cookies) and three sections of their favourite cookie, the Tim-tam. The tea section was larger than the cereal section and there was an entire wall of various brands of 'long-life' milk in boxes. Also, they don't have any blueberries in season.

So far, grocery shopping is the only thing that's made me feel homesick :( Thank you so much for all of the sweet notes and e-mails. Knowing that you're all in touch really makes my day!


  1. Oh Tim Tams, how I love thee. Have you tried the caramel ones yet? YUM. Anyways, glad to hear you are doing well and having fun exploring!! PS - love the BC pics you posted! :)

  2. Do they still have lots of flavoured milk there? I remember thinking that was fantastic. I especially liked mint I think... seems sortof ew now though. also... vegemite! yay, just saying. I love hearing about your food adventures.