Friday, August 21, 2009

So long and thanks for all the fish!

There are two things that I don't miss about Ontario: the bugs and the humidity. Out here, on the west coast, they don't even put screens on the windows. In Ontario, we get chased inside at night by the mosquitoes. Here, we come inside because it's just too cool and windy.

We're about to head into Victoria so that I can catch the 3:00 ferry. Then it's off to the airport for the longest flight of my trip. I'm feeling a bit antsy and I'm just ready to get this show on the road.

This morning Jill and I took a drive down to Pedder Bay. This is the body of water that I can see from the top of the hill at her parent's house. In the bay there is a marina where several large fishing and sailing boats are docked. This weekend the annual Salmon Festival, a big fishing competition, will be held out of the bay. I sort of wish I could stick around to see it, but I need to be somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Last night, we made dinner with Leah. We ate the salmon a neighbour had dropped off, veggies I grilled, mojitos with mint form Jilly's garden, bread from the farm down the road, tiny beets with goat cheese that Jill made especially for Leah and I, and an amazing mixed greens salad that Leah whipped up with dressing from the Rebar cookbook. Leah has been making her way through this cookbook that was put out by a local restaurant.

After dinner we took Leak out to the bus stop and dropped by 17 Mile Pub to meet some of Jill's work friends. Jill and I were the first to arrive so we played a game of pool. We were doing really well until her friends showed up. It took us about 20 shots each to finish the last 2 balls. The game ended with Jill sinking my last ball and the 8 ball all in one shot. Fabulous work. Of course, they had a great time making fun of us and talking about their game. Once they started playing though, we realized that we weren't that awful.

Okay, I'm off. Next time I post I'll probably be in Perth. I'll definitely upload some pictures once I'm there because I've taken an awful lot of good ones!

Talk to you soon, Cass


  1. Have a great flight Cass! I hope you have a reaaaaly fascinating book, Harry Potter was the best for that. Please make a post about what you ate on the plane, that is my favorite thing.

  2. Have a great flight Cass!!! Can't wait for the pics! and to read next about what you ate on the plane.. aha.