Monday, August 17, 2009


Mom just sent me an e-mail with pictures she took the day before I left Warsaw. I had to say good-bye to these two sweeties. And you can also see the size of my pack. It's pretty full. I needed to bring stuff for the conference, working at the research stations and the farms, springtime weather, and end of wintertime weather.

Please note the green Frisbee in my lap. Sammy pretty much has one thing on her mind at all times: finding someone to toss the Frisbee so she can make a spectacular catch.

The dryer lint likes a good belly rub, and don't miss the green Frisbee in the corner:

Mom also sent some pictures of us at the airport, but I can't post them because everyone looks too sad! Really, I'll be home before you know it and I'll probably call and e-mail way more than I did when I was in Guelph.


  1. How was your swin in that huge pool?

  2. Hi Mom,

    The swim was great. Everyone just swims in a big lap, so you never have to turn around. I don't think I can even do a flip turn anyway, so that always slowed me down in the little pool at the school. I'm going swimming again this afternoon at a lake near Jill's house.

    Talk to you later, Love Cassandra