Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy links.

Time to clear out the links on my top bar. I was on a bit of a stuffed animal and footwear kick over the past couple weeks.

From Capow Art and Design, a cool little change purse modelled after an old-fashioned cassette tape.

MinitureRhino makes a lot of interesting items. I'm particularly drawn to their tree ring embroideries and their embroidered star maps.

A popular shop in the felt-sculpture world, hine makes all sorts of interesting pouches for the electronics in your life.

I always like owl art. Squishyfish makes it the creepiest.

Also right up there in the quirky stuffed animal department is Skunkboy Creatures. I would take one of each of there items, I just have no idea where I'd put them all.

Spirocreations makes way too many over-fringed belts, but they make really cool footwear. Unfortunately, footwear hand-sewn by someone other than me is sort of out of my price range. I"ll have to get more into boot making in the future.

Netamir's Designs. Ditto.

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