Sunday, August 2, 2009

Etsy again.

Whenever an item catches my attention on I stick the link into the line-up at the top of the Internet window. I manage to collect these little buttons quite frequently and things start to become more cluttered than I can handle. I have to admit, with a bit of time, I tend to forget what I've even squirrelled away.

That's why I like to make posts like this. I can take a look at my favourite shops again and show the pretty pictures.

Valerie Taylor makes all sorts of beautiful jewellery. I love the collision between industrial metal and nature that she's got going on.

The art at ISphotography by Irene Suchocki is unique and interesting. She uses metallic papers to create different effects when creating her prints.

I love all of the pottery that Raquel Masri produces. She makes Damask style items, such as the serving tray shown below, and she loves to incorporate one of my favourite images into her work, the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.

Sweetshorn Vintage
can provide for all of your vintage home decor, toys, art, and tiny treasures. This is my kind of shop even though half the fun in thrifting is going out to find the treasures.

Bliss in a teacup makes all sorts of interesting treasures. I really like the things they do with chalkboard paint and I think these embroidered clocks are very clever. Great inspiration and design ideas.

Another photographer today, Bueller uses a 'through the lens' technique to capture digital images with the old-timey feel of antique and retro camera gear. I like this a lot because I'm always after the look, but actually using the older camera gear makes processing very expensive. They also have some cool Keep Calm and Surf On prints. I think I'm drawn to a very specific type of artist.

O, look a little baby! With tiny little shoes! I like everything at Lala Shoes.

Clayswan makes playful, happy pottery in every shade of the rainbow. I love this look.

That's all for now, but there's plenty more where this comes from.

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