Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost and found.

These are the important items I found while packing up to move:

1. My red reading glasses. I'm so glad I found them. They were in the lunch bag I had taken to school the day before my defence. I must have thrown them in there in my rush and forgotten about them. I almost packed it away, but I went back to see if I had left any food in it and there they were.

2. The presser foot for my sewing machine. The loss of this tiny item has prevented a few projects from being completed over the past little while. It's apparently difficult to find a store that carries the correct replacement foot as I have been searching for one for awhile.

3. The littlest miniest match from a mini match box set. It's about 1 mm by 1 mm by 6 mm. It had fallen out of my corner of uselessness one day when Emily was showing Matt some of my tiny things. I had found the set of three matches that are stuck together, but I thought the single match was long gone. Whenever I swept I looked for it a bit, but not very seriously. The very last time I swept the floor I happened to look down and my eyes landed directly on it. I went running outside and said, "Dad! Look what I found!" and he said, "What, a broom? That is no big deal."

Overall, I am very happy to have these three items back in my life.

1 comment:

  1. That's AMAZING that you found your red glasses!!
    And the pressor foot! no more trying to find it at every craft store you visit.

    How did the rest of your packing go? Get it all in the last load? Are you home now??