Sunday, August 23, 2009

A post about what I ate on the plane.

Or, why my stomach hurts and I never want to see Saskatoon Berry Mousse ever again.

But before I get to that:

O man, that flight was long. I've actually been traveling since 3:00 pm on August 21. It's now 9:00 pm on August 23. I managed to miss August 22, 2009 somewhere along the way. So, let me add it up.

1.5 hours on the BC Ferry
1 hour on BC Transit
3 hours at the Vancouver International Airport
13.75 hours Vancouver to Auckland
9 hours trapped in Auckland International Airport
8 hours Auckland to Perth
1 hour Perth Airport to Perth City YHA
= 37.25 hours in transit

I am SO GLAD I don't have to do that for another 4 months because it's too much. I have a lot more to say about that, but I am exhausted so I'll just give you a rundown of the menu.

Disclaimer: if I actually manage to make this sound delicious, don't be fooled. It wasn't. I will say that the packaging was absolutely adorable though and I do love airline food service containers and such.

Vancouver to Auckland:


-Beef curry (Where was the curry? No where. They should probably call this overcooked beef cubes instead)
-Basmati rice that was somehow undercooked, though it resided in the same dish as the overcooked beef. You could feel each little sharp rice piece.
-Green peas. great addition (sarcasm).

-Cheese portion. Actually good. New Zealand does have some good dairy.
-Two of those little Toppers crackers

-Bean salad. Okay. I'll give it an okay.

-Whole wheat dinner roll. Fine. The NZ butter saved it.

-And dessert, drum roll please for Saskatoon Berry Mousse with a chocolate cake base. As I wrote in my earlier food report to Emily, this was a dessert directly out of China Buffet's nightmares.


-Luckily, the stewards also poured very strong gin and sodas and kept our wine glasses topped up with some of New Zealands finest vintages.

After that I sort of passed out (the turbulence kept jolting me awake and I kept forgetting where I was because I don't usually fly at night) until the stewards woke me up with breakfast at 2:45 am NZ time. I certainly wasn't ready for breakfast, I don't even know what I was ready for.

Breakfast (I went with the continental because I was scared of the hot meals at this point)

-Blueberry crumble muffin which you can probably purchase out of a vending machine somewhere

-Fruit plate with all my favourites (sarcasm): unripe honeydew, cantaloupe, RED grapes, pineapple, and a canned peach half. I actually really like canned peach halves, so that was okay.

-Yoghurt. Yum.

-Orange juice with the peel-back top, which I also love for some reason.


I actually received the 'lucky last' fruit plate, but my neighbours had the salsa omelette and it actually looked pretty good (contrary to my first impression).

Auckland to Perth:


-Pan-seared chicken thigh. I avoided the lamb curry (look Dad, already being the New Zealanders even make airplane lamb).

-Green beans with a blob of red stuff. I think it was some sort of tomato-based sauce? How is that even questionable? I don't know.

-New potatoes. Goodish.

-O, and under the chicken was an interesting surprise. I couldn't figure out what it was at first because it was just a perfectly round, grey disc. Then I realized it was stuffiing. I think.

-Cheese portion.

-Different crackers. Whole-wheat of some sort.

-An okay salad with cucumber, pineapple, shredded carrots, and lemon vinaigrette. If the pineapple had been fresh this would have been good.

-White dinner roll with butter.

-White chocolate, almond, raspberry ice cream. This was pretty tasty and I like the tiny dessert spoons they give you.

-More gin.


And a surprise tea meal (my ticket only said snack)

-Two scones. I've had much better, but they were warmed up, at least.

-Strawberryish jam, no real berries actually existed in it anyway.

-Some sort of cream spread that we don't usually eat in Canada.

-Smaller fruit plate, this time with out of season apples.

-Orange juice.


Well, that got long. I hope you're all completely captivated. I really regret not taking pictures.

Have to run! Cass

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  1. you can never expect anything good from airplane food. and now you are in Perth and probably treated yourself to something yummy to make up for the not so good air plane food. YAY, you're in Australia!!

    And just wanted to say thanks for the all the posts and keeping us all up to date on everything! :) Have fun!! What day are you presenting?