Friday, July 31, 2009

Roofers 2.

Today one of the roofers had to come inside and take measurements in our bathroom. The landlord is installing a ventilation system and the roofers needed to know where to drop the vent in. During his time in the bathroom he admired the public service announcement I have posted on the door. What can I say? The craftmanship and creativity that went into this piece makes for an obviously eye-catching door decoration.

My favourite aspects of this installation include the way the paper has weathered with humidity over time, the place where I made a mistake in the word genuine and just wrote over it, and the spot where my pen started to run out of ink.

The sign reads: BEWARE giant house centipedes live here. (artists rendition, to scale though) ALSO, BE GENUINE (everyone can use a little reminder from time to time).

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