Monday, July 13, 2009

Etsy rundown.

Man, there are so many talented, creative people out there. You can find pretty much anything you desire, handmade or vintage, at I've been stockpiling a few of my favourite items and stores and thought I'd share them here.

First off, I'm probably going to buy this t-shirt at Xenotee's shop once I'm finished this post. The swirl is made up of all of the collective animal terms, such as "an unkindness of ravens", a "knot of toads", or a "romp of otters":

All of the hewn resin and silver jewellry at Quercus Silver's shop is very cool. I also enjoy the use of the latin name for oak species:

The wax and oil paintings at Landfall are all completely beautiful. I like sets of paintings and landscapes a lot. Once I have a wall to hang them on, one of these will be mine:

Cardboard Safari
is a shop full of quirky things. These remind me of the collection of 2D to 3D animal and dinosaur puzzle toys I had as a child. There's just something really appealing to me about mounting fake animal heads on a wall:

Anatomy of a Skirt
makes robot pouches in theme sets. Collect them all! Then fill them with your items! Go from an original robot to a bedtime bot to a spider bot in no time at all! There's a bot for everyone:

And I can't make an etsy post without mentioning the potters. Michelle Swafford Pottery has all kinds of vessels, dishes, and jewellry too:

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