Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Story About Ping.

One of my favourite childhood books was called "The Story About Ping". Mom read that little paperback to Jayme and me so many times I could probably still recite most of the lines. Ping was a little duck who hid from his family and ended up lost in a confusing harbour full of fishing boats.

Ping is drawn in a simple pan and ink style. The images are coloured with only four hues. However, even in its simplicity so much emotion is conveyed by the combination of words and pictures; Ping is terrified when he realizes his mistake and can't find his family. I think I was a sucker for good design even when I was a kid.

I've picked up The Story About Ping at several different bookstores, but have never brought it home. Some day I think I'll have my own copy again when I have a house with room to collect children's stories.


  1. Sounds really nice.

    Is it one of those 'Petit Prince'-type social commentaries?

    Also, why does the human character have leeches on the back of his head?


  2. I just realized I don't actually know how to reply to comments here. I guess you'll just have to come find it? I usually don't even notice that comments have been made because I don't receive an e-mail alert.

    Yes, it is definitely a social commentary about dealing with the consequences of your actions. I don't know the story about the Little Prince and I really feel like I'm missing out.

    The black things on the back of his head are his hair. Not leeches. Clearly you need to brush up on your early 20th century Chinese hairstyles.