Thursday, March 12, 2009

So it goes.

Speaking of celebrating people who have had a huge impact on the shape of society as we know it with song....

Last night we went to the eBar to take in a live show. This is a more-than weekly occurance around these parts as our little city has an excellent indie music scene. Em had found out about this 10-piece collective of musicians called Library Voices. They had traveled all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan to play for a smaller-than-average crowd of Guelph locals.

They made us get out of our seats and I started to move. Um, wow they are so good. It must take a whole lot of practice to harmonize with so many other singers and have such clean stops and starts midsong. Anyway, I really really like them and then I fell in love with them when they played one of the coolest, most clever songs I had heard in a long long time: Things We Stole from Vonnegut's Grave.

I tried to throw my money at them in support, but they had been cleared out by a bunch of teenagers whom wanted t-shirts with the f-word on them. This wasn't the t-shrit they had last night, but I couldn't find a picture of it and I'd take this one anyday.

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