Friday, March 27, 2009

Right Now.

I have just finished eating my grapefruit. Doug called my style 'monkey-head grapefruit eating all the brains'. I usually refer to it as 'pumpkin-head grapefruit that takes at least one hour to eat, maybe two if you're sitting in front of your computer. Mainly this is the situation that occurs when you slice off the top of the grapefruit, cut up the insides, and clean it out with a spoon. I adopted this method this winter after becoming tired of eating messy grapefruits. I find that this method cuts down on grapefruit juice spray immensely. I am able to avoid becoming a sticky mess and take time to savour the delicious fruit simply because it is a labour-intensive way of consuming citrus.

I'm feeling really happy today because I just made all the corrections Uta suggested on my thesis. There really weren't that many. I need to focus on defining all of the parts of my experiment and referring to each of them but a short name. This makes it much easier to read through the results and understand what I'm saying.

Just now, I realized I was tired of all that so I came here to update the labels for the posts. This makes it much easier to go back and find the things I wrote about, obv. I really want one of those word clouds where the most frequently mentioned words are big and then all of the other words are smaller and floating around them. I tried to find a gadget that did that, but no luck. I have, however, managed to attach all of the other blogs I watch on the side of my blog. This has cut down on the clutter along the link bar at the top of Firefox. I was almost out of room.

Next, I really want to fix up my header. I can't figure out how to make a design that fills the box in exactly. There has to be information about the dimensions around here somewhere. I still love Haekel's art, but I might switch from the black to his old fashioned ink-drawn tea-stained herbarium entries. There are many more of those so it would give me a lot more shapes to work with. Also, the title will show up better if I can make it black or grey on the off-white background. I also want to work on my science family posts and I've collected a bunch of ideas for posts about childhood inspirations. I'd like to collect more information about Edward Gorey, Shel Silverstein, and others for inspiration in my art and science.

eta: apparently no one else in the world eats a grapefruit the way I do, photographs the image, and posts it on google images. I was trying to steal a nice bright grapefruit picture to spice things up around here, but no luck.

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