Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Official Travel Blog.

This morning my blog has officially become a travel blog because I just went and had my first passport pictures ever taken. They are absolutely horrible, I look like I'm sleep-walking in them. I had just gotten up from my snooze on the bus to school and I'm wearing an antique sweatshirt passed up from my younger brother when he outgrew it at age 12.

I suppose I really need to work on that new header now and turn this into I want to be a (traveling) Arts and Scientist. I plan on posting all about my journeys to conferences in far away places over the next year. I'll have to tell more people about this place before I leave.

p.s. If you think that's cool, here's a new blog that I've been following lately: The Impossible Cool. It's all about icons of personal style in our recent history. I think it's neat to see what this person will find next.

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