Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday afternoon firemaking.

When the clan gets together it's always a good time. This long weekend, after our late Easter lunch feast, we decided to try to set our grandparent's front lawn on fire without the use of any matches or lighters.

The boys gathered sticks, lumber, cedar logs, birch bark, axes, knives, rope, string, dried grass, old saw handles, tins, and rubber bits from around the house. Apparently, these are all important firemaking tools of the trade. We've seen Survivorman do this before and he makes it look easy.

Sam was somewhat concerned by this crazy behaviour, as usual.

And Miss wanted in on the action.

You're probably going to have to twist faster than that. Everybody's got some good advice.

Probably the time we came closest to a spark.

Those are my toes holding down the cedar log.

We gave a valiant effort, but alas, no homesteads were lit on fire. There was much excitement over the faint smell of burning wood and melting plastic and henceforth the destruction of various implements used in this project. And there were many scorched sticks and blisters to proudly show off in the end.

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