Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mini mug rug!!

One of the woman in my knitting group is the fastest crocheter in the east. She produces clever, detailed items constantly. Last week at knitting group she brought me a gift! She had made these little mini mug rugs to give to all of the members at Christmastime. Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed the party, but she brought some for me last week.

The mug rugs are based on a rug design that she uses to make life-sized rugs out of leftover dishcloth cotten. All you do is make a chain however long you want the rug to be. Then you work rows of single crochet, slipping the yarn through the last stitch in each row and leaving a short tail. You work the same number of rows on either side of the centre chain. When the rug is wide enough you just stop adding rows. There's no finishing at all. I think this is a really cool idea and I might make one myself to use up a bunch of dishcloth cotten that i am never going to make into dishcloths.

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