Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tonight for dinner I had lamb, kiwis, and meringue.

Just kidding. I had spaghetti. There were two kiwi people there though. And a Texan. The one little kiwi didn't get any spaghetti because he doesn't have any teeth yet. I have a really cute picture of him on one of Liz's cameras, but I can't seem to extract it at this moment. I will definitely put some up in the next few days.

Today I went down to Auckland to see the city centre. Of course, there was a beautiful harbour because this is a port town stretching from one coast to the other. I walked around and saw all of the little shops. Even the ugly mall wool store had very beautiful things in stock. When I went to have lunch at a cafe I pulled out my knitting and ended up chatting with a complete stranger for about an hour. I made my way over to the Domain and watched a cricket game will clicking away. I didn't even make it all the way to the museum and gardens before Jonathan called me to meet me and head home. I will be back for those two because the Domain is very beautiful. It's the top of an old volcano and has sports fields, beautiful trees, the huge museum and all sorts of interesting gardens and wild places to walk through.

I also spent some time wandering through a neat store called Real Groovy. They had all sort sof interesting books and music and I have two more for my reading list.

The latest from Malcolm Gladwell, one of my favourite authors, is called What the Dog Saw. It's a set of essays about the "hidden extraordinary".
I also really need to catch up on Gregory Maquire's books. He wrote Wicked and I really would like to read A Lion Among Men and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.

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