Friday, November 6, 2009

Kiwi BBQ.

Today I was in charge of all the cooking for the BBQ party we attended to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. We went to the grocery store and got all the food. I made bean salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, and broccoli-cauliflower-tomato salad. It all turned out very well. The boys painted a fence and I worked away in the kitchen. We just returned from the party and we had a great time. We talked to a lot of people about the local things to do and we are going to hike up over the mountain range in a couple days. There is also a really great river to kayak on, so we'll do that too. Another family invited the three of us to dinner. We also had lessons in rugby (I have a good pass, thanks to Mr. Gaskell, my grade 5 teacher). And we drank a bunch of different Kiwi beers.

This is sort of the celebration that marks the beginning of BBQ season (like May 24 in Canada) and it was very chilly out tonight. My hands are frozen and I can hardly type, but I wanted to get my daily post in ;)

Back with more tomorrow, Cass

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