Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Auckland is a port city on both sides. When you fly in you can actually see both coastlines and the ocean because NZ is really quite narrow at this point. Even though one quarter of all Kiwis live in Auckland (around a million people) it isn't that big at all. One day I spent awhile down at the harbour.

I love the colour of the water here. It was sort of overcast, but that just made the water more turquoise.

This is the beautiful old ferry building. All of their old buildings are made out of sandstone.

The main park in the center of Auckland is the old cemetery. I spent awhile wandering through. Most of the grave markers are completely illegible since salt water destroys sandstone very quickly.

And back home, I hung out with Liz and Jonathan, and little Oliver who has a sore tummy and only wants to lie on his belly. Poor kiddo. I liked to bounce him around and I'd do anything I possibly could to make him smile.

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