Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I suppose I should add some words.

I took this picture out the window of the bus on my way from Rotorua to Taupo. The landscape of the North Island is literally shaped by agriculture - sheep farming. You can see how all of the rolling hills have groves worn along their sides. These were all created from the millions and billions of sheep who have grazed across this country.

Taupo is on the side of New Zealand's largest lake, Lake Taupo. The Waikato River flows into Lake Taupo. The river has this beautiful turquiose water. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. This isn't even a very good example, but I liked these trees growing in the river.

Taupo is known as the place to bungey jump in NZ. This is where my cousin, Jonathan, went to bungy jump (he had the t-shirt). I don't jump off tall things, but I watched for quite awhile. People make really weird/funny sounds when they jump off a cliff. One girl kept screaming as she swung around and as they collected her with the boat below and as she was dropped off on shore. This jump is about 50 m.

I hiked all along the Waikato and went to see the great Huka Falls. I read that this is one of the most visited areas in NZ. It's got nothing on Niagara. I had a conversation about waterfalls with a German-speaking guy I met. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out that he was asking me about Niagara because the German accent makes it sound like Knee-a-Gar-a, or something. Anyway, I figured it out and told him all about the place.

While I was hiking back from the Huka Falls, I came across a hotwater swimming hole. The water was really warm. Even though it was quite cool out (about 12 degrees that day) there were quite a few poeple swimming. As I walked along the river, I thought I would feel to see if the water a little further up was warm. I went down to the riverside and slipped and slid into the water. It was not warm. I was pretty embarrassed, but I knew I'd dry off quickly because the sun was out and the wind was dry, and there wasn't anyone around to really see me. OF course, as soon as I got back to the trail, I ran right into a guy I had met in Alice Springs in Australia. He laughed at me for falling into the river. Thought I was going to get away with it, but not in this small world. By the time I finished chatting with him I was dry and headed off to catch my bus.

Some sheep.
The red tiki at Taupo.

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  1. oh, sorry to hear that you fell... but if I was there to witness this graceful act, I would have been laughing pretty hard.. Glad you dried up nice and fast.