Sunday, March 27, 2011

Small baby puppy.

Today I saved a small, white baby puppy that looked like this, only a bit dirtier:

We were driving to the Sugar Bush to get some maple syrup and go for a wagon ride and on the way there the little puppy was standing in the middle of the highway. Luckily, my friend saw it in time and managed to stop. I was on the road-side of the car, so I checked for cars (there were several stopped in both directions), got out, and got the puppy onto the side of the road and grabbed it's leg. It bit me, but I was wearing super fuzzy alpaca mittens and it's tiny teeth couldn't get through and it didn't like the fuzziness. Then it realized (probably because of my beautiful knitwear) that I was nice person and it jumped up on my leg and wagged its tail and wanted me to help it. I noticed that the puppy had chewed through the piece of clothesline that it had been tied up with. And I also saw that its tag had a phone number, but a guy came running out of the house to collect the puppy. I hope he clues in that his dog could have gotten hit or caused a bad car accident, but based on the condition of the puppy, I don't think he really thinks about responsible things.

The time at the sugar bush was also eventful. We made taffy by rolling syrup in snow. Then we investigated the sap-collecting system. All of the blue tubes take the sap from the tree directly to the sugar shack, where it is slowly boiled down into syrup. They weren't boiling today though, since it was so cold the sap was frozen up.

We also went on a sleigh ride. The horses names are Cruiser and Cory. They are 9-years-old.

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