Sunday, September 20, 2009

A lovely day in Alice.

I feel a bit bad for questioning why people would even live here the other day! I had a really good day in Alice. I spent the morning at the fabulous Todd Markets, which were extra fabulous since this was the Desert Festival Edition. Then I spent the afternoon at the Cultural Precinct which contains the Museum of Western Australia, the Art Gallery, the Craft studio and outlet, and the Australian Museun of Flight and Aviation. I've spent the evening at the pool with my roommates, two girls from Japan, who are envious of my pale white skin (I thought I had a tan).

Here are a few quick shots that I've taken over the past few days! (I'm under time constraints here).

Out the window where the landscape starts to transition from Western Australia to Central. The captain said he'd take us past Uluru if the skies were clear so that, "the people on the right side of the plane could see the rock". Unfortunately, skies were not clear and it actually rained a little in Alice when we landed.
The airplane food on Qantas was pretty bad. I did receive the miniest Tolberone of all time. They LOVE this chocolate bar here all year round. I should have used a penny, but there's a bread crumb for scale.

The top of Annie Meyers Hill. Typical scenery around here. Actually, quite beautiful once you stop freaking out because you're in the middle of the desert on the other side of the world.

One of the booths at the market. The, ahem, toque booth (the people here wouldn't even know the word toque. They call them beanies and they are unnecessary).

The knit grafitti installation! Done by machine, of course.

The reptiles and birds at the Museum of Western Australia (I was allowed to take photos). The museum was small, but so well done.

I found a phone here that I can use for free with my calling card. Unfortunately, I didn't find it till now and you're all just waking up and this place closes in five minutes. I leave on my tour tomorrow at 6:00 am, but you may hear from me slightly later in the week!

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