Friday, September 18, 2009

Culture shock.

Hi everyone,

I'm in Alice Springs. I arrived yesterday on a small Qantas flight. The food was okay. Far superior to that of Air New Zealand.

Alice is sweltering hot and red and flat. It is so strange to me. The hostel I wanted to stay at was full so I'm staying at one of the bigger hostels. Everyone is either here to party or to live and work at the bars. I don't know why anyone would ever want to live here. I felt really overwhelmed when I arrived.

The good thing is that I'm here during the Desert Festival. It's a gathering of all sorts of artists and musicians and they have a huge market on tomorrow. I already found a knit graffiti installation where someone knit a huge sweater for a tree.

On Monday, I head out on a tour of Uluru (the red rock), the Olgas (another huge rock formation), and King's Canyon. Then on Thursday I'm going on a day trip to see the Macdonnell Range. Then on Friday, I'll probably fly to Cairns because even though it's nice to not be cold, I don't know how much desert I can take.

Talk to you all later, Love Cass

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