Saturday, September 19, 2009

Aussie Rules.

I just finished watching a preliminary final footy match with a young Brit named Duncan, an old man named Joe, and a German couple.

Duncan seems really nice. He's from London and has been traveling in Australia for the past 10 months. He's going on the same tour as me on Monday. He feels the exact same way about Alice as I do and he doesn't know anything about footy either.

Joe is, apparently, the biggest fan the Geelong Cats has ever had. He yelled at the TV for the entire match. Until he left to go down the road for a camel steak burger. That seems even more repulsive than kangaroo right now. Anyway, he was back to see his team win 120 - 47 over the Collingwood Magpies. Interestingly, over the past three years the Pies have had the most winningest record in the AFL since a team in 1929. The haven't won a final since 1961, however. And they won't be winning this year either.

The AFL has 17 teams in Australia and 13 of them are in one city. They have about 90,000 fans in attendance at each game. This place is nuts over football.

The German couple ate all of the Tim Tams in a package and didn't share any.

To say the least, I feel much happier about being in Alice and the weather in the evening is absolutely lovely.

Talk to you later, Cass

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