Friday, April 30, 2010

Last evening at the KPI.

Today is my last town day. I can't post any pictures because I've spent the day driving to Whitehorse and back. I picked up Dylan at the airport. He's back from his days off. We did a bunch of running around and grocery shopping. Now we've just stopped here quickly to send e-mail and make a few phone calls. We're tired though, so we won't be staying much longer. We did a peanut butter add this week and woke up really early (4:30 am) for morning loc's on nests and stayed up late for feeding loc's. I don't know how the summer crew is going to get through this. I'll have a lot for you next weekend, though. I'm spending a few days in Whitehorse before heading south.

Montreal is on the big screen, but I don't think I can watch this first game against Pittsburgh. They're quite an obstacle.

In other news, my workshop was accepted for Hillside this year. I'm going to do a weaving project for a change from bracelet making.

I'll talk to you all soon, Cass

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  1. O, that's exciting!! That reminds me I have to get in my volunteer application.

    Hope the last week was good. Enjoy your mini holiday and see you when you are back in Ontario!