Friday, April 16, 2010

Whitehorse roadtrip!

Earlier today I arrived in the lovely, sunshine-y, people-filled, cultural centre of the Yukon. I'm sort of excited to talk to people who don't talk about squirrels and to take in all the things that go along with city-living.

There is a lot going on here this weekend. Tomorrow, the Yukon Environmental Fair is on at the Canada Games Centre. Actually, there will be a Red Squirrels and Climate Change talk in the morning. I might skip that.... The Rotary Music Festival is on at various venues around town. AND, tomorrow the Stanley Cup is visiting Whitehorse! It's stopping in 15 cities across the country on it's playoff tour. It'll be at Scotiabank. I need to go to the bank this weekend, so I might as well stop in while The Cup is there too.

I have a good old fashioned squirrel update for you, but I'm on the free internet computer at the hostel (which is very nice and small and all of the people staying here are very pleasant). So I will post that later on when I'm using my own computer. I'm sure I'll have lots of interesting things to post about before I head back to camp.

I'm off to see the downtown and maybe catch a movie at the tiny Whitehorse Cinema this evening. I'll have to see what's playing. I have the truck and it's daylight till late at night, so it'll be easy to find my way around town.

More soon, Cass

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