Friday, April 9, 2010

They sell Tim Tams in Haines Junction and they cost $4.89.

What a rush! Our town days are so busy, I barely have time to squeeze these blog posts in. I also don't have any time to prepare them ahead of time because work is so busy. We have so many squirrels to trap, tag, stretch, monitor, it never ends. Not to mention, all the things we have to do to keep camp running smoothly.

My camp day was last Sunday so I made everyone a huge Easter Dinner Feast. This included creamy, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted acorn squash and beets, steamed greens, bread stuffing, and hardboiled eggs. I decorated the eggs with wax drips and elastic bands and dyed them in beet juice and boiled onion peels. The elastics made stripes and the wax made spots. They turned out quite well and everyone was very pleased with dinner. I also hid the 61 chocolate Easter eggs that Mom and Dad sent (thanks again!) and Frances' parents sent. It was so funny to watch everyone search for their surprise eggs. They didn't notice any of the hidden eggs before dinner and it was a lot of fun.

I'm off to dinner at the Alcan tonight. I have to put up some pictures of places around town one of these days! Here are some from the past week.

Self-portrait in mid morning sunshine on Chitty. My hair is growing so quickly.

Little Y!/Y!. I made a movie of him for the blog! Unfortunately, it will take 2 hours to upload all 30 seconds of it here. I also have an hilarious one of little Purple/Blue digging out a cone and squeaking at me from her midden. One day this will be a videoblog.

Sprout update! Look at our little guys! We're so proud. This is the kale. That's why it's so pink and pretty. Will make a tasty half sandwich, or so.

Dylan and his current project. He's staying here for the entire 6 months and he monitors Agnes grid. It's huge and is a food add grid, so the squirrel population density is high. He's also got a whole lot of pregnant mothers and babies to look after. This is a map he made to keep track of everything and aid in navigation. I hope it helps him stay on time. We carpool together and he is frequently late which means I have to wait patiently because we don't like to rush each other when handling the squirrels.

A shot of the map. Someday it will be a rainbow of colours and symbols, we hope.

And by waiting patiently, I mean, knit in the truck at the pullout off the side of the Alaska Highway. To be honest, this is not a bad part of my day. Here, I'm working on my bright blue sock. I purchased the wool in Ottawa and it's almost finished. The goal is to finish it by the end of the week and cast on it's mate. I designed the whole thing with a cool chevron pattern. Close-ups to come.

And I almost forgot!! I've been finding buried traps in the snow on Chitty this week. All along, I've said I didn't really relate to the namer of the traps on Chitty. I don't really get his references and why he'd name the traps the things he did. This week I found Pancakes, though. I promptly took out my Sharpie and corrected that mistake. It's now called Pamcakes, after one of the most special kittens I know. Next though, and this freaked me out a bit, I dug out Agamemnon. That's the dude from the old times who the prophetess Cassandra was murdered with. Good thing I'm not that superstitious. I am a little though, and I haven't actually set the trap yet. Ha. I might trade Dylan for a different trap this week. Just to be on the safe side.

Don't be scared! Got to run! Miss ya lots! Cass


  1. Your Easter Feast sounds wonderful!! and a Easter Egg hunt... SWEET! I also was apart of an Easter egg hunt this year thanks to Dad!

  2. Pammer is most honoured Cass!
    See you soonish!