Monday, February 22, 2010

West coast sweater love.

Is there anything better than modern Cowichan sweater styling?

I came across this little knitwear company from British Columbia, called Granted. Their products are inspired by the adopted European intarsia patterns of the Cowichan people of Vancouver Island. Really, about as Canadian as one could be.

They make me even more excited to be heading west for work. Next Sunday I fly to Edmonton to begin the two day long trek to Kluane National Park and Reserve, home of the Kluane Red Squirrel Project. I hear the Yukon is lovely this time of year and I will be taking it all in for the next three months. I'll be working as a field technician on the spring crew. And of course, I'll be taking my knitting because warm layers will be required.

I've got so much to do this week. I've decided what I want to take, but now I have to dig it all out of storage. I've spent the day organizing though, so I'll have everything done in time. At the top of the list is updating this space because once again I'm going to have a travel blog! I have been getting a little behind on things, but I've been keeping a list of posts I want to make. Of course, the more I let things stack up, the less likely I am to write anything at all. That's for tomorrow though, because the Olympic Ice Dancing is on and it would be nice to see the home team take control of the rink.

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  1. that sweater is fantastic! i think i need to knit myself some CBC swag!!