Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold in downtown Edmonton!

My flight landed in Edmonton at 12:10 pm local time. I met Dylan and Lindsey at the designated spot beside the Tim Hortons in Arrivals. Our ride was supposed to pick us up at 12:30. Plenty of time to head downtown to catch the puck drop at 1:30. Unfortunately, no one showed up. When we realized that no one was coming we hopped on a shuttle and headed to the hostel. Upon arriving the Aussie girl behind the desk notified us that, "we were up 1-0" and followed that up with ".....o, you guys are Canadian, right?" Uh, yeah. We dropped off our tons of gear (I thought I had a lot of stuff, but I had actually packed the smallest amount). And ran over to O'Byrnes on Whyte Avenue. There was a perfect booth waiting for us and we had dinner at 3:00, drank some beers and watched that crazy game play out.

And it isn't even 6:00 yet. I still have to go out for dinner, meet the rest of the crew, and I'm exhausted. This must be jet lag. I've been playing that card since last December though, so I don't even know anymore.

P.S. Do you see the tiny Team Canada symbols at the centre of the new symbol?

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