Friday, February 5, 2010

My favourite month.

I like the month of January a lot every year. New starts, fresh snow, birthdays, and hockey games. This January I was housesitting for a friend out in the country.

These are the two animals that live in the house. Sparky the cocker spaniel (I think that's what he is, at least?) and CP the black cat. They really like me and I really like them even though I have to take two antihistamines every day that I hang out with CP. This was laundry day. They both ignore me when I pull the camera out. CP really enjoys knitwear (one of the main reasons he likes me). He has taken his place on my Tomten sweater. He was probably kneading it before he needed to ignore me.

This is what we look like every night. We pile up on the couch in front of the fireplace. I knit and the animals fight over who gets to sit closest to me. In general, CP doesn't like people or dogs, so we're doing pretty well in this shot.

CP generally wins at who-can-sit-closer. Then he forms into a perfectly round cat shape and maybe kneads my legwarmers a bit.

Sparky being the cutest one, running around the couch with his favourite squeaky pork chop toy.


On the last day at the farm, Sparky and I went for a walk when the sun was beginning to set. This is the river that runs across the property down near the front road.

The laneway from the house out to the road.

The wetland area that the river opens into on the other side of the road.

The stone house. My favourite type of house.

The chicken coop where I collect eggs every morning and feed the bunny. And I feed the chickens too. They eat a highly varied diet of potato peels and citrus fruit and any other fruit or vegetable that my parents and Jayme and Brian want to dispose of.

The red door of the barn.

The barn.

A milkweed down near where the trail begins at the side of the laneway.

The chickens in the sunset.

Sparky! He loves going to the chicken coop because he might have a chance to steal an egg.

The chicken coop in the sunset.

The ice in the sunset.

Practice makeup for my sister's wedding. I'm supposed to look like a green hydrangea petal who's also the maid of honour. I had this done earlier in the day in East City.

Sparky running back home in the sunset. See his floppy ears?

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