Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Prince's Rainforest Project.

The boys are throwing some big money at rainforest conservation projects. I think this is a really interesting approach to public involvement. I've seen the commercials for this about 100 times. They play them constantly on Virgin Blue and I've taken two flights with them in the past week (the only reason Vigin Blue's food is better than NZ Air's is because they don't bother to serve any).

You can sign up to support their cause here (Daniel Craig likes them too):

This is very interesting to me after actually spending some time in these areas. I think they're doing a really good thing and I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on this website.

Also, today security at Virgin Blue took away my Canadian camping fork. Not only did she take it away, she laughed at me when I said I thought I was allowed to take it on the plane. And it wasn't a nice laugh at all. Aussies are very good at doing not-so-nice laughing. I wouldn't really mind, except the only reason I had the fork with me is because the previous Virgin Blue security person had laughed at me because I thought I wasn't allowed to take the fork on the plane. So, now I only have a spoon to eat with (well, until I hit the cheap markets tomorrow and find a replacement) and my fork is in the mail on the way to Warsaw in an unmarked envelope. Mom, when you pick up my fork from the post office, this is why I sent it. When security takes things away they ask you what you want them to do with it. So far two pairs of my sewing scissors have gone in the garbage (it's easy to forget them in the bottom of my carry on pack because I usually carry my knitting in there). This particular security guard, after laughing at me, wouldn't let me throw my fork in the garbage because it was so nice and insisted that I mail it home. I had some stamps to use up and I had an envelope, so away it went.

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