Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had fabulous, delicious feasts!

I went to visit our neighbours, the tropical fruit farm, and sampled all sorts of wonderful things. They have a tasting each afternoon and they invite all of the volunteers at the station to come for free. I can't even begin to describe everything because this french computer is so difficult, but I'll put up pictures next week. All I can say is that mangosteens are still my favourite (I preserved a couple jars the other day, so fingers crossed they'll make it across the borders intact), but that's mainly because I love the way they look and how delicate the segments are. I tried a fruit called rollinia and it tastes and feels like lemon meringue pie, so that might be my favourite tasting fruit.

I couldn't go to the reef yesterday because the boat was out for maintenance, but ze have a new volunteer and hopefully we will both be able to go next Monday.

Love you and miss you! Cass

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