Thursday, October 22, 2009


This afternoon I flew into Brisbane. It's nice here. A bit cooler, a big bright city. Hopefully I will meet up with some family friends this Saturday. They have been in Sydney the past few days and are just recovering from all of their traveling too. I also hope to meet up with a local knitting group. I found them on Ravelry and asked if I could come to join their weekly meet up at a pub here. Unfortunately, they usually meet on Tuesday nights and I will fly out on Tuesday afternoon. They said they'd like to have a meet up this weekend too so I can come!

I have so much to write about and so many pictures to add! The internet here is free, but I can't figure out how to access the USB ports. That's okay, it's bedtime for me and I have a lot of time to figure it out tomorrow. I'm sharing a room tonight with three girls from Brantford. They came here to play soccer in Sydney and now they are traveling up the coast. My flight attendant today saw my Canadian patch and asked where I was from. He's an Aussie, but he's been to Peterborough about ten years ago! Such a small world.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about my last few days at the research station, my stay in Cairns at Holloway Beach and my trip to Kurunda!

O, and this time in Cairns I ended up staying with a friend at his house on the beach. It was SO much like being home with Andrew in Guelph. I miss Emslie St. a lot. I'll always miss that house. I'm not homesick, but after thinking about all that I was starting to miss some things about Ontario. Then Jayme sent me a really long e-mail and a whole bunch of great pictures. I miss these guys too! Brian is teaching Stogie to be a good dog and sit at the dinner table while they eat. He doesn't even try to eat off their, good Stogie, one of the family.

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