Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yep, that's it.

Emily just sent me this as part of a message and it made my day, if not my week:

Also, I was just doing some reading, and came across this passage in the book I am reading, "The Origin of Species", by Nino Ricci. It made me think of you.

"The real breakthrough, though, had come when he had finally braved an excursion into the natural sciences and stumbled upon the sociobiologists: here was a whole netherworld of unabashed trend-buckers, people who put the words 'science' and 'art' in the same sentence without fearing they would rend the very fabric of the cosmos. It was all total anathema to the literary purists, insofar as they even deigned to notice anything so reactionary - it was just biological determinism writ large, they said, the worst sort of regression, a heartbeat away from social Darwinism and eugenics - but that didn't mean it wasn't true."