Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've always been interested in the work of certain poets. Two favourite I always read are Margaret Atwood and e.e. cummings. I have a few other collections of poetry, but I've never really been completely sucked in. Today though, I found this fragment of prose and it struck a chord with me:


We have in our cross-hairs

figs, almonds, dates, your pome-
paradise, your orchard

--"A duet with Rav Zalman who used to sing," Margaret Aho

I went on a bit of an internet search to try to find more. I couldn't find this particular poem at all, so I might head to the library in the next few days. I have a hard time letting this sort of thing go. I still need to write about the mystery book I mentioned a few days ago.

While I was looking for that particular poem I came across some more of Margaret Aho's work at the Beloit Poetry Journal. This journal is an incredible collection of interesting poetry. It appears to be free to access the entire site by anyone. From the website's History Page:

"The BPJ has remained remarkably consistent in its independent and eclectic editorial policy, its high standards, its international scope, its selection process, and its format. It has never missed an issue."

I'll definitely have to heck this out a little further. In my searches I also came across this little inter-gem: The Poet Name Generator. It never ceases to amaze me what people will do with their free time. From my html coding today I know that developing this sort of site is no easy task. It takes at least a good portion of a university-level course to come up with this sort of thing. So, yeah, approximately 14 solid years of education.

Lady Evelyn Picklesouse

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