Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thanks Google.

I really appreciate the effort the good people at put into celebrating lesser-known special occaisions. Two days ago, Monday, April 27, was the birthday of Samual Morse. Morse was an American painter, inventor of the telegraph, and most obviously the Morse Code. So, in honour of his birth Google put up this header:

With these interesting little images Google manages to remind, most likely, millions of people every day about some of the most important and unappreciated events in human history. The invention of the telegraph completely altered the way people communicated by making long-distance transmission accessible.

This morning I was doing a little more research into this idea of the ever-changing Google header and I came across an intersting project. An Australian graphic designer named Rhett Dashwood has been collecting images of letters from Google Earth. He managed to collect images of all 26 letters of the alphabet within the state of Victoria in six months of searching. I imagine this could turn into a very cool font in the near future. Of course, people from around the world are flooding Dashwood's inbox with Google Earth letters as we speak. O, and he also found a perfect 250 in a farm field along the way.


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