Monday, July 19, 2010

Retro puppies.

The other day I snapped this picture of Sam and Miss sitting in the front seat of the RV. I decided this was the perfect setting to transform a digital image into (what looks like) an old-school analog photo. I used this tutorial from spoon graphics to learn a few tricks in photoshop. And I think it turned out quite well. I will definitely use this technique in the future. It's an easy way to capture the old-fashioned aesthetic I am always looking for. Don't worry, I still love my Holga and can't wait to test out my new Polaroid Spectra. John found it in the old Sarnia Hospital and brought it home for me. It has a big OR scratched into the top, so I'm sure it's taken some interesting photos in it's life. I just need to find a good source of film.

The retro puppies:

The original puppies:


  1. I think that the setting... the most seventies arm chair van in town... also helped with the "retro feel" of this photo :) cool technique though.

  2. Uhhh....yeah. That's exactly why I picked this one! It just isn't the same with pictures that have flatscreen TVs in the background or um, I don't know, other modern looking appliances...

  3. I always like my breakfast to see me... to know I'm coming and know there's nothing it can do.