Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I'm a sucker for clever webcomics".

Truth. I can start at the beginning and just make my way through. Andrew thinks I'm crazy because I sit at my computer with my back to him and lol.

Earlier today, a friend directed me to xkcd. I had mentioned that I was looking for a t-shirt that I had seen someone wearing awhile ago. And there it was. I want to wear something with wit and style to my thesis Defense. This will do the trick nicely. Dress pants, maybe a tailored jacket, some kitten heels, and a Stand back I'm going to try Science t-shirt.

Another webcomic that I can't get enough of is NatalieDee. I like to pick a particularly offensive or confusing episode, put it up on my laptop screen, and face it at Andrew while he's in his office and I'm off doing something cool. This distracts him and effectively takes-away from his super-typing abilities and then I don't have to hear updates as often. "Wow, my thesis is 30,000 words long now." Yeah, well mine will be too.

Back to the hilarity that is my Friday afternoon,

p.s. Andrew just came up to me all bundled up and yelled at me through my headphones that he is off to school. I showed him this, laughed at myself, and said I was a bad grad student. He yelled back, "yes you are, today!" Aw, I like him.

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