Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our love shines.

The Stanley Cup has returned to Whitehorse YT for this year's Hockey Day in Canada.

I've been watching the festivities and highlights have included:
- A special feature about two girls from Haines Junction YT, the little town I lived near when I was up north. There were shots of the place I had soup each Friday, the place where we took hot showers, the junction where the Alaska Highway splits. Good memories.
- A story about an annual backyard hockey tournament in Cornwall ON. It looked like it was colder there than it was in Whitehorse today and I am not surprised.
- Ron McLean, sporting a Hudson's Bay Company wool coat with yellow, red, green, and blue stripes, and quoting Charles Schultz, "three things everyone loves to watch: a babbling brook, a crackling fire, and a Zamboni going round and round."
- Blue Rodeo!

I'm really glad I've got a lot of skating days scheduled for the next few weeks!

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