Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wandering around Napier.

My dear blog readers,

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you at all. I just haven't had a chance or the energy to upload pictures over the past few days. I've been keeping a list of all the posts I need and want to make, so you won't miss anything. This blog will be a complete account of my time down here, it just might not happen until a few days after I return home.

Right now I'm in a little town called Napier. The hostel I'm stayiing at is right on the ocean. I can see it out the window as I type. The town was destroyed in a 1931 earthquake and rebuilt in the Art Deco style. i love it and I've been snapping pictures all around town. My cousin, Jonathan, lives in the next town over (Hastings...which is right beside Havelock North...and now I wonder how those two names go together). He's coming up to Napier with Liz and little Oliver to meet me for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow morning I catch the bus to Auckland at 8:00 am. The bus takes the whole day to go to Auckland. Then I have two nights in Auckland, hopefully meeting friends from Australia on Friday to celebrate my last night in town, then catch the plane on Saturday evening.

I'll be back in Ontario so soon! You might hear from me before then, but can't make any promises....see you soon, Cass

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  1. safe travels cass, have fun on your last nights out and about. See you soon!!!!