Friday, December 11, 2009

Morning tea.

I flew into Wellington airport this morning. It was the most horrible flight I have ever been on. The plane was really tiny so all of the turbulence felt much worse than it actually was, I think. A lot of the airports in New Zealand are difficult to land at because of the crazy weather patterns and constantly changing winds, but Wellington is known to be the worst. The airport's slogan is Wild at Heart. It doesn't even say Welcome to Wellington when you land it just has a huge Wild at Heart sign. Also, the runway is out on a peninsula into the ocean, which passengers can't see out the side windows. This makes it feel like you are going to land on the water. And when the plane is jerking all around and blowing sideways you actually think you are going to crash into the water.

The pilot apologized about 5 times for the flight attendants not being able to come through the cabin and serve hot drinks. That was the least of my concerns. O, but Mom, don't be worried about me flying around on airplanes.

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