Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day!

Earlier today the webmaster at school sent everyone an e-mail that contained an emoticon wink and a recommended link. Of course, I clicked on the link and it connected to today's press release. Every day they (the webmaster and friends) feature an interesting article about the latest goingons at the U of G on the main page. Today's article started out with the line:

"Hoping for a little romance this Valentine's Day? Then avoid logging onto Facebook."

And it continues on to explain a pretty funny study by two Guelph PhD students. I didn't totally relate to their findings; the study cohort was from a younger age group than I and I think that I've worked through some of the issues that these people are currently dealing with. That being said it sort of made me feel better about disconnecting for awhile. Doug always teases me about being from the plugged-in generation and to be honest, I'm starting to feel the pressure. Looking at my computer makes me feel a bit nauseated and as I click along my regular websites I'm starting to feel a little bit bored :( These are bad ways to feel when you need to write about 100 more pages on your thesis.

Anyway, I'm constantly amazed by the opportunities for this sort of study to be carried out. If you can find a gap in the literature or notice some sort of controversy you'll be able to work out a project. I'm glad this type of social phenomenon (facebook) is gaining so much attention because it really lets us look inside the collective psyche and understand how society is shaping up these days.

Later, Cass

p.s. Andrew just told me that he is quitting school to focus on his rap career (sorta like Joaquin Phoenix).


  1. I wonder if anyone could actually limit themselves from the amount of time they spend on the good ol' facebook?
    LOL: andrew rapping

  2. ohh and Happy Darwin Day to you too... I forgot to say this to you on the actual day. opppps