Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy 125 years of National Parks in Canada.

Today is the 125th birthday of big old Banff National Park. One of our most well known and loved mountain parks was created on this day back in 1885.

“National parks are maintained for all the people – for the ill, that
they may be restored, for the well that they may be fortified and
inspired by the sunshine, the fresh air, the beauty, and all the other
healing, ennobling, and inspiring agencies of Nature. They exist in order
that every citizen of Canada may satisfy their craving for Nature and
Nature’s beauty; that they may absorb the poise and restfulness of the
forests; that they may steep their souls in the brilliance of the wild
flowers and the sublimity of the mountain peaks; that they may develop in
themselves the buoyancy, the joy, and the activity they see in the wild
animals; that they may stock their minds with the raw material of
intelligent optimism, great thoughts, noble ideals; that they may be made
better, happier, and healthier.”

J.B. Harkin
First Commissioner of the National Parks of Canada

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