Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wandering around Van CIty.

After visiting with Crystal the first night, she gave me great directions of places to see in Vancouver the next day. The weather was absolutely perfect. Did I mention that before? Leaving the early May blizzards in the Yukon far, far behind I headed out to see Granville Island.

Granville Island isn't actually an island. It's a peninsula tucked in the river that comes off the English Bay before it turns into the inner harbour. Granville is full of little artsy shops, home to the downtown market, and Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Some of the boats at the marina on the Island.

Walking under Granville Street, which will take you over the river to Yaletown, to the Island.

Market stalls. Beautiful flowers and foods.

Macaroons from the bake shop just outside the market. I think they were creme caramel and pistachio flavoured. Delicious like the ones that fly here from France on occasion.

Outside one of the weaver's shops on the water.

The view of Yaletown from the shop.

I went to take a look around Emily Carr U and found an exhibit of all of the final installments by the students. Good timing!

These were some of the upper year undergrad's work.

Porcelain painted milk cartons.

Porcelain fallen leaves, each one individually designed and painted.

This was so cool. I love a good kit. Especially if it's a science of imaginary solutions kit.

Rainbow of porcelain old-fashioned styrofoam M*donald's containers.

A huge stack of paper that you couldn't pull apart (well, you weren't actually allowed to touch it, but I'm sure you'd have a hard time pulling one out from the bottom).

Outside the school at the totem pole carving classroom. I really loved this place. I wish some people had been working on it.

After my tour of the island I took a tiny ferry boat (it held about 6 people) over to Yaletown. I walked up through the main part of town to the downtown and visited the Olympic Torch. I don't know what state the torch area was in (if they were taking it down, or if it had always been such a mess), but that fence is ugly. So are the piles of bricks laying all around (I'm pretty sure it had always been such a mess). Now I know what everyone was complaining about during the Olympics.

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