Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More than I ever imagined.

Last night Emily stopped by with treats from Paris. She just returned from her two week vacation on Sunday and was back in Guelph on Tuesday.

She had so many interesting stories about her travels through the belle city. Versailles sounds so unbelievable. Marie Antoinette decorated the palace with marble and gold and created acres and acres of traditional french gardens. She had a hamlet built on the property where the perfect little sheep were shampooed every morning. Of course, she didn't last long, but what a lavish way to live.

I also really enjoyed all of Em's descriptions of the french food. She says they likes raw things a lot and mould doesn't scare them away at all. Tartare is on every single menu. Everything was delicious and the grocery stores have giant pudding sections. Good to know.

Emily brought me a tiny black and gold box with six macaroons from Laduree. Laduree is a famous bakery that makes double decker macaroons with delicious fillings. Each one has incredible, saturated colouring that comes from the flavouring ingredient. I'd known about this place for awhile and have wondered what these little delights actually tasted like. I imagined they were tasty, but they were far better in real life. My little package had: vanilla, coconut, lemon, salted caramel, pistachio, and bergemot macaroons. Emily's favourite flavour is salted caramel and Gillian's favourite flavour is bergemot. I am quite partial to the lemon macaroon, but each one was fantastic. I HAD to eat them all as they had been purchased on Sunday and didn't have much of a shelf life left.

I took a picture, but they were half eaten and don't compare at all to the ones I found online. ha. Here's the little box which will be the future home for various miniature items:

And here's a cool little miniature someone made:

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