Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Novel quarry after-use."

This weekend I'm heading to the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting. It's being held at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia this year. I am very excited to see the east coast of Canada. Halifax has been on my places to visit list for a really long time.

I'm actually presenting my work this year and it should be good practice for my upcoming, date-to-be-set, thesis defence.

In other exciting news, Paul stopped by one of my restored quarry sites. He sent pictures of some of my plots and they are doing so well! I got really excited when I saw these and I can't wait to take a trip around to see all my sites. Hopefully Alex can tag along once the sea lamprey move is over.

These are two of the seed plots. I can't get over how diverse they appear. Almost all of the species I planted did very well.

Some of the adults have even started to escape!

O, and Paul also included this cool link to the an architecture blog that had a post about a winner of an international design competition. The objective was to design an after-use for a giant decommissioned quarry in Shanghai, China. Check out an artists rendition of the winning design:

The Songjiang beauty spot hotel.

And an even move spectacular nighttime shot.

When we colonize the moon, I hope this is what the hotels will look like.

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